Summer Reading

The last day of July.

Half-way through summer.

Time to update my spring Blog and ‘get with the season’!

Have you read a good book lately? Summer is an opportune time…on the beach, at the cottage or campsite, or in the backyard hammock or lawn chair. Reading is good for our mind and our bodies. It calms the nervous system, helps us to focus, and provides some welcome respite from daily worries and responsibilities.

1. I’m ‘in-between’ two books this summer, both of which I highly recommend…The Best Kind of People, a novel by Zoe Whittal, tells the intricate story of a high school teacher, a beloved father and husband, who is arrested for sexual impropriety at a prestigious secondary school. How an all-American  family and community reacts to this scandal is explored with candor and  sensitivity. It brings us agonizingly close to our own vulnerability, and  our often-conflicting thoughts and feelings.

2. The Happiness Equation, by Neil Pasricha, is much more than your  average self-help book on ‘how to feel good’. Pasricha is a Harvard MBA  and a recent keynote speaker at my daughter’s staff conference at Western University in London, Ontario. His writing style is persuasive, practical, and full of easy-to-implement strategies for how to live our lives with confidence  and fulfillment. You won’t put this book down unless you are reading The Best Kind of People at the same time!

 Enjoy the second half of the summer…and something good to read.