Christmas 2019

I once heard a wonderful story about a young girl’s childhood Christmas in Denmark. On Christmas Eve, her family gathered for a festive meal together. Afterwards, they dimmed the lights and moved to an adjoining room, where her father had moved the furniture off to the side, then lit candles on the Christmas tree. “Words cannot describe,” she said, “what it was like to come from that darkened room, through the door, into the room with the Christmas tree so radiant with light!”

Modern house insurance policies aside, I wonder how this story might speak to us!

What is the “dark room” for us in our life that we long to be called out of … a depression, anxiety, loss, loneliness, or some hurtful family or relationship experience?

What “furniture” do we need to move aside…some painful memory, pre-occupation, or unhealthy behaviour that prevents us from a deeper enjoyment of life?

And that radiant tree, all lit-up, which “words cannot describe”… what hope or dream does that tree symbolize for us?

It has been my privilege to share part of your journey with you over the past year. May this Christmas and holiday season give all of us a renewed sense of hope, joy, and light for the coming year!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!