Keeping Christmas

We’re halfway through the season of Christmas.
Not far away comes the ritual of taking down the tree, and packing Christmas away for another year.

It’s a necessary task, but I wonder if this year we might try something different, in light of the distress and uncertainty of the time we live in.

How might it be good for us to keep ‘some’ of Christmas and not put it ALL away?
Think of one moment or experience this Christmas just past when we felt a sense of peace, joy, hope, or even a brief glimpse of the true meaning of Christmas, however we might describe this for ourselves.

Then, how could we find a way to keep that alive as we move into the new year- to carry part of Christmas as a guide to light our way, lift our spirits, inspire hope for others, and find strength we need for the challenges we all face in the time ahead?

I think the words of the attached song say it best!
The secret of Christmas IS finding a way to keep Christmas throughout the year.