Postons Counselling and Therapy provides short-term counselling and longer-term therapy services to individuals, couples, and families. We also offer consultations and assessments to families, workplaces, and churches, as well as educational workshops and conferences. We work collaboratively with other health care professionals and community resources. Most of our services are covered through private health care plans.


Sessions are held in a comfortable and inviting residential setting. Depending on the need, short term counselling and long term therapy are offered. Short term counselling offers solutions and strategies for present day issues including emotional distress, relationship and family conflict, stress management, parenting, etc. Long term therapy is offered for deeper issues of concern that may involve grief, loss, trauma, post traumatic stress, anxiety, depression and personal development. 


Workshops focus on pre-marriage preparation, mood disorders (i.e. anxiety and depression), stress management, etc. 

'Making Marriage Work: A Practical Workshop for Pre-Married Couples'

(Download a copy of the Registration Form here).


$150/fifty minute session

*Fees are covered by most private health care providers and/or personal health care benefit plans (e.g., Green Shield, etc.).

*Effective September 5, 2023, I will no longer be offering the service of direct billing to benefits companies on behalf of clients.
Instead, clients with benefits coverage will be asked to pay for their services at the conclusion of each appointment (e-transfer).
I will supply a receipt for you upon payment.
You can then submit for reimbursement through your own benefits provider.